Black Ceramic Candle Holder Set with dipped beeswax candles

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Another timeless candle holder set with a matt black glaze which perfectly offsets the beautiful mustard beeswax candles.

The set comes with 3 hand built ceramic candle holders with hand-dipped beeswax candles. A beautiful matt black glaze makes the beeswax colour pop, The beeswax candles can be given the wavy effect if requested. As per my signature look the candle holders vary in height as to stagger the candle height.

Candle holder measurements;

Smallest-H8 x W3cm

Medium-H11 x W4cm

Largest-H14 x W4cm

Candles 33cm High

As with all the candle holders I have produced, they come with all the beautiful imperfections that come with handmade.