Speckled Ceramic Candle Holder and Wavy Candle Set

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This set has proved to be very popular which is very humbling. I admire the candles sitting at slightly different levels and the gentle wave look gives the candles a subtle point of difference.

Ceramic candle holders come as a set of 3. These holders have a gloss white/grey glaze base with mild green/grey and brown/pink specs. The candle holders were made by me, in my kitchen and look imperfectly perfect.




The set also includes 3 hand dipped pure beeswax candles which have been given a gentle wavy shape to them.

H-26cmxW-2cm. Burn-time approximately 9 hours.

I can custom make these candles again at request if given base measurement of candle holders base (these may vary in the candle holder set) and given the design and colour preference.


As with all my ceramics these are one offs. I may make more that are similar but every set of ceramics and candles are unique. Ever single step of making the ceramics and candles has been done by hand.