Ceramic candle plate with 3 dipped beeswax candles

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This candle plate set was a little experiment with the intention of creating a practical candle holder to catch wax drips but to also have the aesthetic that I love of 3 candles staggered at height. 

The plate is handmade ceramic with a speckled glaze with white undertones and green/brown specs throughout.

The set comes with the ceramic candle plate and 3 hand dipped beeswax candles. The candles have the original mustard beeswax colour in the interior and have then been dipped into white beeswax to give a muted beeswax colour. Candles have a burn up to 13 hours (keep out of the wind and drafty areas to prolong the burn-time).

AW20 x D18cm x H-Edge 3cm. Measurements taken at the widest and highest points.

ll hand made so have all the beautiful imperfections of hand crafted products.