Wavy shaped ceramic plate with white beeswax pillar candles

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A beautiful set. Timeless. The ceramic plate can be used for more than just a candle plate; try as a food platter or a place jewelry etc.

This is sold as a set of x3 white beeswax pillar candles and the ceramic tray.

Hand-made ceramic wavy tray has a natural/white gloss base glaze with grey/blue and terracotta specs. The shape of the tray has a a slight wave shape about it to suit 3 standing pillar candles. Its hand-made and looks hand-made.

Tray-W-22 x H-2cm.


Set of 3 height staggered white beeswax pillar candles. I buy the white beeswax which is far more pricey than the classic mustard coloured beeswax, however I love the colour combination of the white with this glaze so feel its worth it.

Smallest-H-6.5 x W-6cm. Approximate burn-time is 20 hours.

Medium-H-10.5 x W-6cm. Approximate burn-time is 27 hours.

Biggest-H-15 x W-6cm. Approximate burn-time is 40 hours.

White beeswax is naturally bleached, N.Z beeswax.


Everything is made by hand, by me, so is fabulously imperfect.