White Bell Candle with Pedestal Ceramic Holder

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Pretty and practical I think this set would look perfect as a main dining table ornament or shelf showpiece.

The hand-made ceramic dish has an almost pedestal look to it offering the perfect nest for the white beeswax bell candle to sit. 

Ceramic dish has a gloss white/grey glaze with grey/blue and brown/terracotta specs throughout. The dish indent is smaller than the bell candle base as I was going to pair with a different candle shape, however the bell shape looked so good.

Completely made by hand with 2 coats of hand brushed glaze. This has all the lumps and bumps of imperfectly perfect hand-built clay work.


Naturally bleached, hand-poured, white beeswax Bell candle.

H-7xW7cm. Burn-time approximately 20 hours.


Every step of creating this ceramic dish and candle has been made by hand by me-Holly.