Beeswax Info

Beeswax Info


Beeswax is an incredibly natural product made by female Worker Bees (unfertilized females) by converting nectar into beeswax.

The Honeybee (Apis Mellifera) have two stomachs, one of which can be used to convert nectar into beeswax.

Beeswax scales are excreted through 4 pairs of glands located on the underside of the bees abdomen. 

Bees use their hind legs to drag the wax scales to their mouth to chew into a malleable consistency for building honeycomb.

Originally beeswax scales are transparent in appearance but gain the yellow/mustard colour from pollen and propolis oils once chewed.

Bees make wax to build honeycomb. The hexagon-shaped honeycomb cells are where all bees form from egg to a full grown adult. Honeycomb is also used to store pollen and nectar in which bees make a cap of wax to seal the cells of food for a later date.

Beeswax is made in warmer temperatures (over Spring and Summer) when the hive temperatures are over 33 degrees Celsius.

It takes around 3100g of nectar to make 450g of beeswax!

The Authentic honey Co beeswax candles are made from capping wax which is a byproduct from honey extraction. This high quality wax is made by bees to cover individual cells of honey.


Frames of honey are trimmed to uncover the cells of honey in which they are then spun to release the honey from the cells. The honey comb is left intact on the frame for the following season.

The honey and honeycomb are then spun again to separate the wax from honey. The wax is then simply melted then passed through a fine filter to remove any impurities. That's all.

No chemical processing,

No artificial colouring,

No artificial fragrance.