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I just received your honey and tasted it. It is amazing. I love the native bush honey and my daughter loves the multi-floral... I really hope I can get your honey here in Australia...

Misato (Manuka Honey MGO83+ & Native Bush Honey)

We have both done Holly's workshop and were blown away by what we are able to create in it! Holly is so knowledgeable and kind with amazing products. We HIGHLY recommend doing it!

Edit on Seddon (Beeswax candle-making workshop)

Thank-you so much for my gorgeous smelling candle and fabulous honeys. I have to say, the entire process from ordering to receiving was truly awesome. Lots of contact along the way, so I knew how it was tracking and when it arrived. The packaging is so cool. Thanks Team!

Tina (Honey Gift Box & Candle-making workshop)

The group loved the workshop and were super happy with all the candles they came home with!

Rebecca (Beeswax candle-making workshop)