NZ Manuka Honey MGO83+

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The Authentic honey Co MGO83+ Multi-Floral Manuka Honey is sustainably sourced from some of New Zealand's most idyllic countryside. 

Manuka multi-floral is a blend of the renown Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) shrub and variety of other flowering plants in that area. 

Tested and certified for the highly researched MGO (Methylglyoxal) compound, you can be assured The Authentic Honey Co MGO83+ Multi-Floral Manuka Honey is of high quality with significant levels of MGO. 

Bees are truly amazing and have perfected the intricate process of converting nectar into honey. We simply collect the excess honey from hives, spin to extract and pack into sustainable glass jars. That's it. 100% raw New Zealand Manuka Multi-floral honey ready for you to enjoy. 

The balance of Manuka Honey and multi flora give this honey a truly delicious and unique taste of New Zealand.

  • Flavour:      Decadently rich with subtle floral notes.
  • Texture:      Thick, slightly textured, viscous consistency,
  • Colour:       Golden-brown
  • Fragrance:  Rich and earthy with sweet floral notes.

Best used as an all round delicious raw, unpasteurized natural sweetener. Try smothered on pikelets, crumpets and toast or add a dollop into a smoothie or your morning coffee. Microwaving and very high heat is not recommended.

With significant levels of MGO you can apply topically as a face mask or hair mask for dry skin or rub a little on a minor scratches or cuts (always do a patch test on skin first).

Please note that The Authentic Honey Co Manuka Honey flavour, texture, colour and fragrance can change season to season.