Olive Beeswax Candles

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Limited edition olive beeswax candle collection.

Olive beeswax has been dyed using a synthetic dye.


4-Wick-Burn-time    , Measurements- 14.5cm wide      Weight   

U-Shape-W12 x H11 x D4cm. burn-time 13 hours.

Aurora-Burn-time-Up to 50 hours. H15.5 x W11.5 x W7cm. Weight-5oog.

Small Teardrop-W6 x H-8cm. Burn-time 10hours.

Medium teardrop candle-W6 x H15.5cm. burn-time 27 hours.

Tapered column pillar candle- W3 x H22cm. burn-time 15 hours.

Bell-Burn-time 21 hours, H8.5x base W7.5 x Top W2.5cm, 240g.

Christmas Tree-Burn-time aprox 40 hours. H16cm with the widest layer at 8cm.

Small Classic Pillar-Burn-time 28 hours, 10cm high, 6.6cm wide, 220g.

Medium Classic Pillar-50 hours, 16cm high, 6.5cm wide, 400g.

Small Eternal Pillar-Burn-time 35 hours, 10cm high, 7.5cm wide, 350g.

Medium Eternal Pillar-Burn-time 60 hours, 16cm high, 7.5cm wide 570g

Timeless Set of 3:

-Small-13 hours, 6cm high, 3.8cm wide, 85g.

-Medium-17 hours, 16cm high, 3.8cm wide, 150g

-Large-22 hours*, 22cm high, 3.8cm wide, 220g.

Dipped Birthday Candles Set of 10-14-15cm in length, Burn-time of up to 1.5 hours each.

Long dipped Birthday thins-H30 x W.7cm. Burn-time 10 hours.

Triple Twist Set of 2- Aprox 22cm, burn-time 4 hours.

Triple Twist 2 tone and olive set of 2-Aprox22cm, burn-time 4 hours

2 Tone Dipped Dinner Tapers set of 2-Aprox 21 cm high, burn-time 10 hours.

Double Twist set of 2-Super Twist-Aprox 21 cm high, burn-time 4 hours.

Double Twist set of 2 Gentle twist-Aprox 21cm high, burn-time 4 hour

Olive Dipped Dinner Candles set of 2-Aprox 22cm high, burn-time 10 hours.