NZ Kanuka Honey

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The Authentic Honey Co Kanuka honey is sustainably sourced from some of New Zealand's most stunning, isolated regions.

Indigenous to New Zealand, Kanuka (Kunzea ericoides) is the lesser known cousin of the prized Manuka. Growing freely in some of the most undisturbed countryside bees forage the alluring Kanuka nectar expertly converting it into delectable honey.

Fortunately for us bees have done all the complicated processing naturally, so all we do is collect the excess honey from hive, spin to extract and bottle into sustainable glass jars. That's it-beautiful raw New Zealand Kanuka honey ready to share and savor.

  • Flavour:      Sweet, decadent butterscotch notes.
  • Texture:      Silky smooth
  • Colour:       Golden amber
  • Fragrance:  Rich floral aromas.

Best used as a tasty raw, unpasteurized sweetener in baking and raw foods. A spoon full in coffee or tea gives a beautiful almost malty taste or just slap it on a slice of fresh bread. Note: Very high heat and microwaving is not recommended.

Please note that the flavour, texture, colour and fragrance of The Authentic Honey Co Kanuka Honey can vary season to season.