NZ Native Bush Honey

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The Authentic Honey Co Native Bush Honey is a delicious multi-floral blend sustainably collected from the lush New Zealand bush.

A combination unique every season, is generally comprised of RewaRewa (Knightia excelsa), Kamahi (Weinmannia racemosa) and a touch of Hinau (Elaeocarpus dentatus) and any other bush or pastoral nectar the bees take their fancy to.

Bees are remarkable and have perfected the art of converting nectar into honey therefore we simply collect the excess honey from hive, spin to extract and bottle it into sustainable glass jars.

That's it. Delicious 100% raw New Zealand Native Bush Honey.

  • Flavour:     Delicate yet full-bodied with medium sweetness.
  • Texture:     Thick, crystalized consistency due to temperature change being raw honey. If you are not a fan of the consistency simply warm gently and it will return to a smooth texture.
  • Colour:       Beautiful golden/amber.
  • Fragrance:  Lightly floral with a slight caramel aroma.

Best used in porridge or a smoothie is delicious or try slathered over a warm crumpet or toast. Use as a raw, unpasteurized sweetener in baking, yoghurt or coffee. The Authentic honey Co Native Bush Honey is a good all-rounder.

Please note that The Authentic honey Co Native Bush Honey flavour, texture, colour and fragrance can change season to season.