Beeswax Christmas Trees Candles

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These Christmas tree beeswax candles are the perfect addition to any Christmas table or setting and are available in 4 different earthy tones.

Hand-poured pure beeswax ensures a natural burning candle with all the unique hand-poured character that comes with it. I do need to note that there are some nicks under some of the layers of trees due to the moulds therefore I will price to suit; let's call them rustic Christmas trees:)

The trees stand at around 16cm with the widest layer at 8cm.

Burn time is approx 40 hours.

The Classic coloured beeswax is produced from our bees and has no colour or fragrance additives.

Olive and black wax has been dyed with a synthetic dye.

The cream wax i buy in but am assured that it has been naturally bleached.