Lathed Candle Series

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The Lathed Candle Series is my first ever original collection of candles.

Seeking originality and design freedom I turned my wild idea of using a lathe to turn large pillar candles into uniquely designed, functional beeswax candles.

It has been incredibly rewarding and equally frustrating learning my limitations on a machine not designed to turn wax however I have loved designing my own candle shapes.

Every candles has been poured into a large candle mould that I have custom made to best suit the lathe size. The large pillar candle is then turned into the designed shape which takes a minimum of 45 minutes each.

Given that all these candles are produced using a lathe they have imperfections. The base of the candles have a hole where the lathe attaches producing a hole around 2-4cm deep. Some wicks can be slightly off centre due to the spinning and movement of the machine and the tops of the candles can have a rough finish to them.

Burning instructions.

These candles have been designed to be burnt for long periods of time with a minimum burn of 3 hours at a time. Given the width of some of these candles they must burn for a long time to develop a wide melting pool to prevent tunneling.

The wick must also be snapped shorter before every burn and if burning for a long time and the flame becomes smoky please dip the wick into the melted wax to extinguish, then straighten it back up, then relight.

All the candles are 100% beeswax that has been produced by our bees.

The yellow colour is 100% natural coloured by bees with pollen and propolis oils.

The green and orange/brown have been coloured using synthetic and natural colourants.

Every candle is one of a kind.


-The Zig Zag

Yellow-H30cm x 9cm. Approximate burn time of 120 hours.

Green-H39cm x 8cm. Approximate burn-time 150 hours.

Orange/brown H36cm x 9cm. Approximate burn-time 140 hours.


-Smooth Bubble

Orange/brown H33cm x 10cm, Approximate burn-time 140 hours.


-Green Bubble

24cm x 8cm. Approximate burn-time 110 hours.


-Green Ringed Candle

H33cm x 8cm. Burn-time approximately 100 hours.


-Ridged Vase Candle

Red/Brown H36cm x top width 9cm x base width (at widest) 10cm. Approximate burn-time 160 hours.