The Quintessential Collection

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This set of visual stunners is called the Quintessential Collection for obvious reasons. These beauties will withstand ongoing trends sitting perfectly on the coffee table with a vase full of cut flowers or the side table for that discreet but all-encompassing beeswax scent.

Beeswax is a renewable wax produced by worker bees by converting nectar into wax with the addition of bee enzymes. Long burning, clean burning, naturally fragranced from nectar, and naturally coloured from pollen and propolis oils beeswax is of the highest quality and exceptionally natural.

Small teardrop candle - W6 x H-8cm. Burn-time 10hours.

Medium teardrop candle - W6 x H15.5cm. burn-time 27 hours.

Tapered column pillar candle - W3 x H22cm. burn-time 15 hours.

U Shaped Candle - W12 x H11 x D4cm. burn-time 13 hours

All the candles are hand-poured using New Zealand beeswax. The cream beeswax is naturally bleached and the black beeswax is coloured with a synthetic colorant. The classic beeswax is produced by our own healthy bees.