Aurora Beeswax Candle

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Introducing the simply stunning Aurora beeswax candle.

This candle is a work of art. She's different yet classic. Bold yet modest. Refined yet unpretentious and an absolute show-stopper.

The natural golden hue and sunrise detail emit the feeling of warmth even when unlit. Our highest quality capping wax produced by The Authentic Honey Co bees, gives Aurora that undeniable beeswax scent without any synthetic additives.

Purely natural, beeswax is produced from nectar collected by bees then organically fragranced and coloured from nectar, pollen and propolis oils ensuring an incredibly clean, long-burning candle.

Standing at 15cm high Aurora is ornamentally unique. Perfect for dressing the mantle, coffee table or anywhere to catch that sweet beeswax scent.

Aurora in 'cream' is 100% naturally bleached. Due to additional time and processing of natural bleaching instead of chemical bleaching, there is a slightly higher price for Aurora in cream. The Authentic Honey Co is a company aiming to stay as natural and true to nature as we can. Due to these ethics, we opted for naturally bleached beeswax so that when a candle is lit, it isn't omitting any nasty chemicals into the air (which is generally in a room with little airflow).

Aurora in Black is pure beeswax coloured with a synthetic dye. The beeswax colour is muted however aesthetically it's absolutely stunning!

Burn time -Up to 50 hours

Measurements -15.5cm high x 11.5cm wide x 7cm d

Weight - 5oog

Ingredients- Made from 100% New Zealand Beeswax.

Cotton wick.

Made in New Zealand.

All of The Authentic Honey Co candles are hand-poured offering unique character with each pour. These can differ slightly from the product pictures.

Beeswax colour and scent may differ due to bees foraging different flowers.

For more information about beeswax visit our Beeswax info and our recommended Candle care and safety tips


Enjoy X